Costume designer Marina Lelchuk specializes in the recreation of historical garments, millinery and jewelry design for the theatre, film and television industries.

Upon graduating from College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a B.S. degree in Fashion Design, Marina moved to New York to work for Versace and build her career in the world of luxury fashion.

Following a successful tenure in fashion industry specializing in high-end couture and product development, Marina shifted her career path to pursue her true love of designing and creating costumes for theatre.

Today, Marina has successfully demonstrated her natural talent for costume design and wardrobe direction by having participated in major theatrical, film, and TV production along side reputed directors and writers in the arts and entertainment industry. From fashion to design, from wardrobe to creation, Marina’s passion combined with her knowledge and experience in the world of fashion provides a pragmatic and creative approach to every project.

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